Explore Changing Plans

Changing Medicare insurance plans can be a decision many do not want to deal with.  Often people are bothered with an incredible amount of literature and phone calls typically during the Annual Enrollment Period each year (Oct.15th-Dec. 7th).  However, things change from year to year whether it is your finances, doctors, medicine, and more importantly your health.   Regardless, your Medicare insurance choices may need to change too.

It is very easy to be confused about all of the companies you can choose from here in the St. Louis area.  Premiums often increase with Medicare Supplements, and co-pays change year-to year with Medicare Advantage Plans.  There are many things to think about, so why not consult with a very friendly, LOCAL, and easy to understand Medicare Insurance expert that can explain ALL of your choices?!?!?!

  • We can very easily review your current Medicare coverage to see if it still meets your needs at no charge for services ever.
  • Understand when and how to make coverage changes if you decide to, whether it is during the Annual Enrollment Period or a different enrollment period you may have.

Note: There are also other times of the year people can possibly change their insurance, which is called a Special Election Period. Retirement, moving in or out of the service area, receiving Extra help, are several examples.  Visit here for more info to see if that is an option: http://www.medicare.gov/sign-up-change-plans/when-can-i-join-a-health-or-drug-plan/special-circumstances/join-plan-special-circumstances.html